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Dubai is entirely a coastline city and fishing has been a major part of the heritage of the country. In modern times, this global tradition thrives very strongly in Dubai and the UAE more generally and sports fishing is a popular activity here. Fishing is a perfect mix of a meditative state interjected with flashes of adrenalin dumps that makes it a perfect way to relax from the busy lives that most of us lead.

What to Expect

Timing & Transfers

we have three fishing trips timing daily

  • One Morning which departs at 8:00 am till 12:00 pm / Price 1800
  • One afternoon that departs at 2.00pm till 6:00 / Price 1800
  • One 8 hours fishing trip from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm / Price 3600
  • Additional 1 hour price is AED 500

The Fishing

Once all guests (max. 8) are onboard we will make our way to the fishing spots.

Upon arriving at a few very well researched and tested GPS coordinates we will start with trolling with the goal of trying to catch bigger fish as per planned locations and routes.
Depending on the wishes of the client we will troll for about 30 min to 1Hour.
Next, we will move to another location that is perfect for bottom fishing and drop anchor, switch fishing rods from trolling ones to bottom fishing rods and pursue a different kind of fish, smaller ones. Visit us: http://Mobilenetent.com

What You Can Catch?

For the trolling part: (in order of likelihood)

  • Barracuda
  • King Fish
  • Trevally
  • Cobia

With bottom fishing: (in order of likelihood)

  • Sherri (Emperor Bream)
  • Sultan Ibrahim (Goat Fish aka Red Mullet)
  • Hamour (local grouper)
  • Jas & Mackarel

What To Do With The Fish?
We do not offer the cooking service onboard, due to the health and safety concerns. If you wish we can pack the fish up and you can take it with you or alternatively you can release all or most of the fish that you catch.

What to Bring?

  • Passport or Emirates ID (MANDATORY)
  • Sun block
  • Long Sleeve T Shirts
  • Warm Clothing in Winter Months
  • Some snacks